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Experience the confidence of having a well-crafted reputation that establishes your product or service as recognizable, credible, and trustworthy.

Brand Coaching

Build your Foundation

Every company has a story, and that story deserves to be told. In this 45 minute Zoom coaching/discovery session, we’ll explore the building blocks of what makes a brand and how your company's narrative can be translated into a visual identity.
Single sessions - $50

This session will cover:
• The 6 building blocks of a brand 🌐
• Branding vs. Visual Identity ✍️🎨
• Logo Development
Plus options for moving forward ➡️

Come ready to share your story!
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Logo Design for Small Business

Optical Inclusion:

Your logo is not just a mark; it's the storyteller of your brand. Let's craft a masterpiece that speaks volumes! Starting at $500


45 min Discovery session
(scheduled below)
We'll discuss:
• Your company history
• Effective branding
• What makes a great, not just good logo


Logo development
• Sketches
• Design review*
• Up to 3 preliminary options
• One round of design tweaks changes
*Additional changes and reviews extra


Brand Snapshot
a one page quick guide with:
• Common logo layouts
• Colors to fit your vibe
• Type choices that best suite your site and socials

📂 Lockups folder
logo layouts in essential file formats

• Style guide - complete visual identity with best practices - $300
• Minified Logo - for special use cases - $50
• Favicon - $30
• Business Cards - $50
• Letterhead - $50
Websites and other options available

Social Media

Informed & Disengaged:

Keeping your followers informed and engaged doesn’t have to be rocket science! We'll show you how easy it can be to effectively build and engage with your audience.

Recent projects

Meet Our Team

Andrew Carroll B.F.A.

Design & Marketing Pro

Marae Hoover

Social Media Expert

What clients are saying

"Andrew has an artistic eye, a sharp mind, a broad-based knowledge of technology, and strong intuitions about the needs of the project. I feel a sense of safety giving work to Andrew. I know the quality will be high, the price fair, and the desire to see the project succeed very high."
- J. Schwirzer, Abide Network

"Andrew took a word document full of plain old text, and morphed it into an elegant, professional, and pleasant experience. I have even had people say to me that just seeing the cover made them want to read the book!...if it wasn't for Andrew and his incredible artwork, few would read it. If your church is in need of a designer, or you have a project you are working on that needs design work, I recommend Andrew and his incredible work!"
- M. Torres, author of "The Road"

"Andrew uses his deep understanding of design to take our vision and turn it into something that looks exactly like what we would have said we wanted if we had his talent. He is great at explaining why he made certain typography, color, or other design choices and is always open to feedback and revisions. We've worked with Andrew on a number of projects and will continue to go to him for graphic design work in the future."
- E. Paashaus, Tiny Wood Stove

A Special Note

It's not too late to update your brand and implement tools that will help you engage with those who are searching for the solutions you offer!

78% of consumers use social media to interact with brands. Other businesses are pulling out all the stops to communicate with their audiences. You can do the same!

There's an overwhelming amount of digital resources to utilize and we're here to guide you through the process. Allow me to show you how to avoid the headaches!

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