• Developed and designed a comprehensive vector art map, incorporating over 500 data points. The map showcases a meticulous attention to detail, visual hierarchy, and effective data representation.
• Designed engaging and visually appealing KPI (Key Performance Indicator) infographics for a Z-card style brochure. The infographics effectively communicate complex information in a concise and accessible manner, enhancing the overall impact of the brochure.
• Created hand-lettered illustrations for social media posts, adding a unique and artistic touch to the visual content. The illustrations capture attention and convey the intended message in a visually captivating way.
Strategic Focus  Z-Card Artwork

Displays KPIs in an airport motif

Continuing with the travel theme, the reverse infographic contains pertinent facts about world outreach

Urban Prayer Map Z-Card​​​​​​​

This map shows all the 1 million+ cities of the world, encouraging the viewer to pray for a city each day. 

Reverse ad for "Ministry to the Cities" book

Front and back with brochure cover

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