Andrew Carroll ・Graphic Designer

Andrew Carroll ・Graphic Designer

Experience a unique one-on-one workflow where I take your idea from vision to reality.
Trusted by businesses, entrepreneurs, ministries, churches, and non-profit.

- Fully customized visual identity -
• 3 logo options
• up to 3 revisions
• accompanying color palette
• matching font choices for web and print
Deliverables: design file, .jpg profile for social media, 
.png versions for web and print

Cost: $400, additional revisions: $50
BASIC Website Design

Text-centric site with standard video, links, contact info, etc.
Cost: design starts at $300, +$30/month for hosting, maintenance and minor updates to content
You can provide a domain or have me set it up for an additional charge, pricing varies
Samples: - site design - logo and site design - logo and site design - site design
Social media design:

covers, banners, and text posts - Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter etc
Cost: $50 to start*, +$30/per extra aspect ratio
(square, 16:9, 9:16, cover photo etc.)
*does not include brand identity design​​​ or illustration 
Print Design

Brochures, business cards, postcards/mailers, stickers for design-to-print.
Starting at $30/hr

Diagrams, infographics, portraits,
character design, cartoons, etc.
Starting at $50 per piece
Other Services

Photo Retouching
Color-correction, blemish/object removal, and manipulation
Starting at $30/hr
Logo Recreation
Have a logo or other graphic you love but isn't the best quality, right file type or is only on paper? Let me digitize it as a high-quality vector file for output in any situation.
Starting at $50

"I have had Andrew design my business's logo, business cards and website. He has been a pleasure to work with as he is professional, prompt and just good at what he does."  – Allen
"Andrew is organized, has a great eye for detail, is incredibly versatile in his creative work,
and very easy to work with! He truly aims to make the customer happy. He helped design a website for us and found creative ways to meet our needs. What he didn't know, he found out and learned quickly! I highly recommend him for any design project." - Hillary
"I have worked with Andrew extensively on projects ranging from simple logo design to complete branding and long term marketing projects. He is a very capable artist, is easy to work with and always makes sure  that the client is satisfied with the work he produces. He has been my go to designer for the last 4 years. Highly recommend!" –Wes

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